10 Fun Activities for School Carnival Events

Are you ready to turn your school carnival into a thrilling extravaganza? Picture the excitement, the laughter, and the joy that will fill the air as students, teachers, and families come together for a day of fun activities and games. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the perfect activities that will leave everyone smiling? Fear not! We’ve curated a list of 10 irresistible and engaging fun activities that will turn your school carnival into an unforgettable experience.

10 Fun Activities for School Carnival Event

Let us discover the ultimate joy with 10 exhilarating fun activities that promise an unforgettable School Carnival Event! From thrilling challenges to engaging games, this carnival lineup guarantees non-stop excitement for all!

1.Toss the Can

Dive into the challenge of “Toss the Can,” where players aim to topple a pyramid of 10 cans using only four soft balls. Stand at a distance, take aim, and toss the balls with precision to conquer the pyramid. It’s a thrilling test of accuracy and skill, making “Toss the Can” an exhilarating addition to any event. Do you have what it takes to master the pyramid in this fun activity?

2. Snake Pit

Shake up your birthday bash with the addition of carnival games like Snake Pit, ensuring a thrill for your guests. In this game, players maneuver a ball around a pocket-filled board using two strings. The goal? Glide the ring over the board without letting the ball drop into any pockets and finally placing it in the top basket to win.

3. Hip Hop

Inject some lively fun into your Bangalore event with Hip Hop, perfect for a birthday party that promises laughter and excitement for all. Players tilt a board to roll 15 balls into colored pockets, ensuring the white and orange balls match their respective colored pockets. Choose the wrong pocket, and it might cost you the game in this engaging activity!

4. Criss Cross

Brace yourself for an adrenaline rush with the “Play Criss Cross Game,” an adventure enthusiast’s dream and an ideal choice for team-building events. Balance a ball on a wooden frame hill using two sticks, aiming to stop it at the bottom without rolling out. Level two? Master the challenge with only one stick, adding a twist to this thrilling activity.

5. Roller Ball

Keep the momentum going at your Bangalore birthday bash with Roller Ball, promising an active and enjoyable experience for everyone. Roll a ball over bumps, ensuring it doesn’t roll back after the first bump or too fast, causing it to roll back after the second. Finding the perfect speed is the key to conquering this engaging fun activity.

6. One Shot

Boost the competitive vibes at your Bangalorebirthday celebrationwith One Shot, testing guests’ accuracy and balancing skills. Tilt a board to roll a ball step by step, aiming to balance it as it moves. Too much tilt might send the ball rolling off the board, challenging players to guide it down without any mishaps.

7. Storm

Spice up your Bangalore birthday party with Storm, offering non-stop excitement and thrill. Roll a storm head onto the 8th tooth of a board without overshooting, ensuring it lands only on even-numbered teeth in just 5 attempts. Can you tame the storm and win this heart-pounding game?

8. Ring the Bottle

Make your Bangalore birthday bash unforgettable with Ring the Bottle, inviting guests to test their aim and enjoy some competitive fun. Use five rings to target bottles four feet away, aiming to make them stay. It’s a classic game for everyone to enjoy!

9. Yo Frisbee

Experience the thrill of friendly frisbee battles and challenges with Yo Frisbee by ForceFudge. Throw frisbees at three goal posts standing four feet away, aiming to hit each post to secure victory. It’s a game that combines skill, teamwork, and competition for a lively event!

10. Neverland

Elevate your corporate event in Bangalore with Neverland, transporting participants to an adventure-filled world. Catch the candlestick before it falls, ensuring continuous catches to claim victory in this exciting and challenging game. It’s a test of reflexes and quick thinking!


As the curtains close on your school carnival filled with laughter and cheers, we hope these 10 fun activities brought joy and excitement to every participant. Creating memorable moments and fostering a sense of community, the school carnival is a celebration of shared experiences and vibrant connections. If you’re looking to elevate your school events, consider partnering with ForceFudge Events & Entertainments, the best event management company in Bengaluru. We specialize in crafting seamless and unforgettable experiences, from school carnivals to corporate events. Let’s create magic together!