Artist and Entertainers

Magician for birthday party in Bangalore - Force Fudge

Carnival Artists

Step right up and experience the enchantment of a carnival like never before! Our captivating performers are here to make your events unforgettable. Watch in awe as the headless man amazes you with mysterious tricks that will leave you fascinated, get bedazzled by the Mirror Man, reflecting the magic of the carnival with every move. Our carnival artists will bring a kaleidoscope of vibrant energy, engaging guests of all ages with interactive routines and stunning visuals. Join us and let’s add a mesmerizing touch to your events!

Balloon Modeling

Our Balloon Modeling service is a testament to creativity and fun. With Force Fudge, we transform ordinary balloons into a world of imagination, crafting intricate shapes and designs that capture the hearts of all ages. Our Balloon Modelling brings joy and amusement to events, making it a fantastic addition to birthdays, parties, and special occasions. Let Force Fudge add a whimsical touch to your celebration, creating a delightful atmosphere with our unique and charming balloon creations.


Mascot / Costume

Our Mascot and Costume services add a whimsical and larger-than-life dimension to your event. At the heart of our offerings lies a commitment to creativity and entertainment. From enchanting caricature artists in Bangalore who capture your guests’ unique personalities to larger-than-life mascots and costumes, we ensure your event is a visual delight. Our skilled artists bring characters and caricatures to life, sparking laughter and amazement. Whatever the occasion, our Mascot and Costume service promises to create a vibrant and memorable atmosphere that your guests will cherish

Spray Tattoo

Add some flair to your look with our vibrant Spray Tattoos. These temporary body art designs are perfect for events and parties, providing a fun and stylish way to showcase your personality without the commitment of a permanent tattoo. Choose from various formats to suit your style and make a statement for any occasion.

Hand & Face Painting

Are you looking to enhance your style with exquisite hand-painted designs? Look no further than our talented artists, including caricature artists in Bangalore. From special celebrations to cultural events, our hand painting service adds a unique touch of artistry and self-expression to your look, making every occasion more memorable.


Our “caricature artists in Bangalore” bring an element of fun and laughter to your event with their unique artistry. Cariculate offers a personalized experience where skilled artists create caricatures that capture the essence of your guests with a playful twist. These delightful caricatures make for fantastic keepsakes and entertain your guests with a touch of humor. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or a private party, Cariculate adds a memorable and lighthearted dimension to any occasion.


Our expert “Juggling artists in Bangalore” deliver captivating displays of skill and precision that leave your guests in awe. Whether it’s a corporate event, festival, or special celebration, their performances infuse your gathering with a unique sense of wonder and entertainment.


We offer cutting-edge PixelPoi performances that seamlessly blend technology and artistry. LED poi balls create mesmerizing displays of light and color, perfect for modern and captivating entertainment at your event.


The little kids in us have always been amused and charged every time we look at an inflatable house or a bouncy house. Remember they said it was for kids only! Well those are restrictions of the past.