Theme Decoration

At ForceFudge Events & Entertainments, we take theme decorations to the next level with our Carnival Theme Decoration service in Bangalore. But that’s just the beginning; our sub-services encompass diverse themes. From the imaginative “Space Theme” that transports you to the cosmos to the fiery excitement of the “Flaming Theme” and the playful “Construction Theme,” we have every theme you can dream of. For a touch of magic, there’s the “Unicorn Theme,” while the “Mickey Theme” brings everyone’s favorite character to life. We offer themed experiences for kids and adults, making your event a true spectacle with our theme decoration expertise.

Carnival theme decoration in Bangalore - Force Fudge

Balloon Decoration

When creating captivating and festive atmospheres, ForceFudge is your premier choice for balloon decoration in Bangalore. Our expert decorators are known for transforming spaces with vibrant and creative balloon arrangements. Whether for birthdays, corporate events, or any special occasion, we specialize in crafting balloon decorations that leave a lasting impact. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, ForceFudge brings your visions to life with various balloons, adding color, charm, and joy to your celebrations.


The little kids in us have always been amused and charged every time we look at an inflatable house or a bouncy house. Remember they said it was for kids only! Well those are restrictions of the past.