Fun Activities

Corporate games in Bangalore - Force Fudge

Sand Art

Our Sand Art service is the perfect blend of creativity and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for birthday parties in Bangalore. Participants can create attractive designs and picturesque scenes in coloured sand, adding an artistic and soothing dimension in a glass bottle. An excellent activity for Art and Craft activity for your party.


Pottery offers a hands-on experience that encourages creativity and imagination for your guest at your party in Bangalore. Our expert instructors guide participants in crafting pottery masterpieces, fostering collaboration and artistic expression.

Clay Modeling

Clay Modelling is an excellent choice for art and craft activities in Bangalore. Participants can mold and shape clay into various forms, enhancing their creative skills in a fun and engaging way.

Luminous Art

Art & Craft

Art and Craft activities are versatile and adaptable for corporate events and birthday parties in Bangalore. These creative endeavours allow guest to express themselves while enhancing their creativity and imagination skills in an enjoyable setting.

Slime Making

Slime Making brings an element of fun and science to team-building activities in Bangalore. Participants concoct their own slime, learning about chemical reactions and cooperation in an engaging way.

Spin Art

Spin Art is a dynamic and entertaining addition to corporate games in Bangalore. Participants can create vibrant and colorful spin art pieces, adding a sense of excitement and artistic flair to team-building exercises.


The little kids in us have always been amused and charged every time we look at an inflatable house or a bouncy house. Remember they said it was for kids only! Well those are restrictions of the past.